Facility Leader

Hi, my name is Star Legend and I’m grateful you’re reading this. I am a passionate fitness professional and love what I do. I have over 20 years of experience serving people with care and expert knowledge. My specialty is meeting my members where they’re at, and creating a safe, comfortable, and transformational fitness experience. The culture we foster at engage personal training is community, excellence and heart. Looking forward to working with you.



Facility Leader

Running the show at Malvern’s studio is Katie Boyle who brings her college degree in Behavioral Sciences in addition to her extensive experience as a trainer to provide a world-class fitness program here in Malvern, PA.

Katie’s philosophy includes making her clients feel safe and comfortable in the gym so that they can push themselves and achieve great results. The team of trainers in Malvern allows you to feel safe in the gym while you transform your health


Joe Kinee

Facility Leader

Joe has an impressive background in the exercise and wellness industry. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from West Chester University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, and he holds a Massage Therapy License as well as pre and post-natal certifications. Joe’s expertise spans 5+ years as a personal trainer for adult clients over 40, he has worked as a strength and conditioning coach for Drexel University, and he is certified in CPR and AED. He is an outstanding leader and truly cares for every member’s well-being.


Brandon Hayward

Facility Leader

Brandon, a graduate of McDaniel College, and a Certified Personal Trainer-National Academy of Sports Medicine brings safe and transformative workouts to Ardmore, PA.

For the last 7 years, Brandon has been helping adults over 40 gain confidence, move better, and take back control of their health.

Brandon’s mission is to provide the people of the Main Line a safe environment to experience the benefits of joint friendly strength training.


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